PC Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your computer and it is stressing you out, then worry no more and let Cantley Computers solve the computer problems for you.

PC Upgrades and repairs

If you need to upgrade your computer to run the latest piece of software you have purchased or your computer is in the need of repair, then Cantley Computers will carry out the necessary work at competitive rates and won't try and sell you anything you don't need.

PC Maintenance

Just like most things in life, your computer would benefit from a little maintenance from time to time. To keep your computer(s) running at its best and to prevent unexpected failures and problems, let Cantley Computers carry out a maintenance health check on your computer(s).

PC Virus/Spyware Removal

If your computer is running very slow, frequently crashing and behaving strangely, then you could be infected with a virus or spyware. Cantley Computers has vast experience in dealing with these parasites and can disinfect your computer returning it's performance and stability.

PC Data Recovery

Have you lost some data from your computer after hard drive failure or operating system failure, The longer you leave it, the less chances of recovering the data, so don't waste time, ask Cantley Computers to see if they can recover that all important data for you.

PC Networks

If you want to connect two or more computers together, or want to share that broadband connection with other computers in your house or workplace, then ask Cantley Computers to network your computers together.

PC Support

If you would just like to have someone to hand to help you through those odd computer problems and queries and help you look after your computer(s) in your home or workplace, then Cantley Computers can provide the support you need.


Cantley Computers can host your site/emails at very competitive prices.